MBC Instinct Titles

The following dogs, owned by MBC members, have represented the Michigan Boxer Club and titled in various instinct and certificate events. The Michigan Boxer Club began offering awards to dogs that achieved certificates and Instinct titles in 2015.

Cameliard’s Legacy of Morgana, CGC TDI – Bumpus
Ch CR-Newcastle’s Bird In The Hand – Walker/Walker/V Johnson/C Walunas
GCh. Countryside’s Secret Embrace, CAA – Ebersole
U-Ch Newcastle’s What’s The Hold Up?, FDC CAX CGC TKP RATI ADP-L2 – Walker
Newcastle’s Wait And See, TKN – Walker/Walker
Newcastle’s Waiting For A Bite, TKN – Walker/Walker
U-AltCh Rodela’s Ready Set Roll, FDC CAX CGCA CGCU TKN RATI RATN – Bumpus
U-Ch Sassy Lane-CR’s Ziva Diva – Schultz/Stevens-Schultz
GCh Sassy Lane’s Fancy Don’t Let Me Down, CAA – Stevens-Schultz/Bistline/Johnson/Walker
U-Ch NN SC PTE Sassy Lane’s Impish Spirit Of Cameliard, SCA SBN CW-SI – Stevens-Schultz
U-Ch Sassy Lane’s Renegade Razor, RN CAX CGC – Stevens-Schultz/Schultz
A/C Ch Sambria’s Brilliance By Design Of CinnRhee, CA – Dobbins/Knaack/Bowser-Hutchins/Hutchins
Sambria’s Esssence Of Energy Of CinnRhee, CA – Bowser-Hutchins/Hutchins
Ch Sambria’s Sculpted By Fire Of CinnRhee, CA – Bowser-Hutchins/Hutchins
Saywin-Fairyland’s Magic Carpet Ride, CAA – Hearn/Heatly
Saywin’s Precious Jewel of Sambria, CAA – Bowser-Hutchins/Hearn
Ch. Saywin’s Prime Suspect, CA – Hearn
Saywin’s Sweet Powdered Sugar, CGC – Hearn/Hack
Shaeward’s Jolly Holiday Of Newcastle, TKN – Walker/Walker
Sweet Layla of Sambria, CA – Bowser-Hutchins/Benton

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