MBC Champions: 1998-2008

Ch Astro’s Victoria’s Secret – Agle
Ch Echo’s Queen of Mean – Agle
Ch Bentbrook’s Competitive Edge – Carroll
Ch Debut’s Bobaloo – Robinson/Stewart
Ch Debut’s Private Eyes – DeMaso/Kahre
Ch Dream Team’s Heir Jordan – Renda-Francis
Ch Echo’s Ready or Not – Agle/Finney
Ch Golden Gloves By Decision – DeWolff
Ch Golden Gloves Gonna Fly Now – DeWolff/Crowell/Pierce
Ch Huffand’s Obladah of Arriba – Connolly/Huffand/Fickes
Can Ch Pinebrook’s Gabriel’s Fire – Wynieski
Ch Sentry’s High Time – Stander
Ch High Flyin Ariel Spontaneous – Zatek
Ch Prelude’s Luck of the Draw – Agle/Potoczak
Ch Sentry’s High On The Horizon – Farless/Stander
Ch Sentry’s High Rise – Farless
Ch Echo’s Classic Edition – Agle
Ch Echo’s Showtime – Agle
Ch Gray Dawn’s Gallant Quest – Petri
Can Ch. Bentbrook’s High Noon’s Legacy – Carroll
Am/Can Ch. Bentbrook’s Image of High Noon, SOM – Carroll
Ch. Cameliard’s Shadow Walker – V. Johnson/Aarsvold
Can Ch. Cinnrhee’s Belle of Heart Acres – Small/Ashman/Kilman
Ch. Debut’s Desperado – DeMaso/Bachman
Ch. Debut’s Renegade – DeMaso/Carol Johnson
Can Ch. Heart Acres Backer of Cinnrhee – Small/Ashman/Kilman
Can Ch. Heart Acres Satin Touch – Small/Ashman/Kilman
Ch. Sentry’s Loud-N-Proud – Stander
Am/Can Ch. Sentry’s T-Bone – Dorfman
Ch. Tanline’s Starlit Night – G & C Johnson
Ch. Woodview’s Diamond Lil’ – DeMaso/Bachman
Ch. Arriba’s Irrefutable – Agle
Ch. Golden Glove’s Piece Of The Rock – DeWolff
Can Ch. Heart Acres Cajun of Cinnrhee – Small/Ashman/Kilman
Ch. Jodi’s Donneybrook – Johnson
Am/Can Ch. Jubri’s String Of Pearls – Brissey
Can Ch. Just-A-Wyn’s Double Trouble – Wynieski
Am/Can Ch. Just-A-Wyn’s Trouble Shooter – Wynieski
Ch. K & D’s I Heard A Rumor – Kaiser/Canciamille
Ch. K & D’s Buttons & Bows – Kaiser/Klingbeil
Am/Can Ch. Cameliard’s Color Me Gone – V. Johnson
Ch. Cinabam’s Sunshine of Cameliard – V. Johnson
Can Ch. Cinnrhee’s Aramis of Heart Acres – Small/Ashman/Kilman
Can Ch. Cinnrhee’s Windsong Heart Acres – Small/Ashman/Kilman
Ch. Debut’s Satisfaction – DeMaso
Ch. Golden Glove’s A Cut Above – DeWolff
Ch. Golden Glove’s Ally-Kazaam – DeWolff
Am/Can Ch. Nastinan’s Love Me Tender – Francis
Ch. Sentry’s Angel Face – Dorfmann
Ch. Sentry’s Sizzler – Wojciechowski/Stander
Ch. TyGuy’s Leather And Lace – Michaud
Can Ch. Velvet Muzzle Beau’s Daisy – Beauchamp
Ch B.D. Star’s Wildflower – DeMaso
Am/Can Ch Bjays Traveling Man – Walunas
Ch Brookfield’s Jewel of Oak Knoll – Michaud
Ch Echo’s Controlled Chaos – Agle
Can Ch Full Circle’s Mighty Zeus – Luckenbacher
Can Ch Icon’s Silhouette – Walunas
Ch K & D’s Day Tripper of Golden Glove – DeWolff/Kaiser
Ch Kaja’s Kami-O – Smith/Drye
Am/Can Ch Bentbrook’s Barter For Roses – Carroll
Ch Cameliard’s Coals to Newcastle – Walker
Ch Karizma Backatcha Touchstone – Dorfman
Am/Can Ch Icon Silhouette – Walunas
Ch Windy City’s Eli’s Coming – Dorfman/Kollar
Ch Cameliard’s Spirit of the Wind – V Johnson
Am/Can Ch Full Circle’s Mighty Zeus – V Johnson/Luckenbacher
Ch Kaja’s Doc Elliott – Smith
Ch Kaja’s Little Rascal – Smith
Am/Can Ch Karizma Backatcha Touchstone – Dorfman
Ch Randolph Diamonds Are Forever – V Johnson/Randolph
Ch Weston’s Cry For Freedom – V Johnson/Randolph/Aarsvold
Ch Cameliard’s Casting Shadows – Bistline
Ch Royal Palm’s Smarty Pants – Dorfman
Can/U-Ch Berlane’s It’s All About Me, RN – Lovasco
Am/Can Ch Cameliard’s Color Me Gone, DOM – V Johnson
Cameliard’s Legacy of Morgana, CGC, TDI – Bumpus
Ch Centennials’ Hurricane Force – Mitchell/Webb
Counterglow’s Rebellina, OA, NAJ – Stevens-Schultz
Ch Golden Gloves Prize Fighter – DeWolff
Ch Golden Glove Uppercut – DeWolff/Lee
Am/Can Ch Heart Acre Cinnrhee Bella Nolte – Ashman/Small/Kilman
Ch Randolph’s Beau Jangles – Bistline/Walunas
Ch Trinity’s Sweet Dreams of Cedarville – Stevens-Schultz
Ch Backwood’s Born to Boogie Drako – Farless/South
Ch CR Rough and Ready – Walunas
Ch CR Total Commitment – Walunas
Ch Echo’s Magic Man at Maxl – Agle
Am/Can Ch Heart Acre Cinnrhee B.R. Cupid – Ashman/Small/Kilman
Am/Can Ch Heart Acres Stingray of Cinnrhee – Ashman/Small/Kilman
Ch Tri-Starr’s Beau’s Mr Churchill – Beauchamp
Am/Can Ch Uppercuts Shadow Boxer – Gillanders
Can Ch Boxberry’s Burn Baby Burn – Dorfman/Alexander
Ch Cameliard’s Cruise Control – V Johnson/Bumpus/Bistline
Ch Cameliard’s Diamonds and Pearls – Ebersole
Ch Can-Cia’s Hard Act to Follow – Canciamille/Kaiser
Ch CR’s Belle of the Ball – Ebersole/Walunas
Ch Draco’s Manolete at Springbrook- Dohm
Can Ch Dream Team’s Storm Edition – Arneil
Ch Wish-N-Wells Izabella of Cameliard – Bistline 

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