MBC Champions: 1983-1997

Ch Brentwood’s Belle Cameron – Carroll
Ch Echo’s Orange Ripple – Agle
Ch Huffand’s Irish Encore – Connolly
Ch Jodi’s Jumping Jack Flash – Johnson
Ch Mival’s Coming Fashion – Turner
Ch Sentry’s Up Front – McKarge
Ch Huffand’s Rite Nice – Connolly
Ch Mival’s Fashion Doll – Turner
Ch Murbe’s Flamingo Kricket – Allen
Ch Ragtimes Commander N Chief – Rranke
Ch Rocky’s Motivation – Hodgeson
Ch Sentry’s Centurian – Stander
Ch Bellcrest Just Watch Me – Bell
Ch Bentbrook’s Trade Mark – Carroll
Ch Echo’s Issac – Agle
Ch Huffand’s Unforgettable – Connolly
Ch Indian Bend’s Loretta Lynn – Eckles
Ch Jodi’s Bridey Murphy – Johnson
Ch Mival’s After Fashion – Turner
Ch RDM’s Daisy Mae – Ridings
Ch Sentry’s Monarch of Twin K’s – Kowalak
Ch Starjax Super Trouper – Hoey
Ch Starjax Wildfire – Knop
Ch Bentbrook’s Class Action – Carroll
Ch Echo’s Reuger – Hendrickson
Ch Independence Adventuress – Duling
Ch Sentry’s Cheers – Duling
Ch Shylock – Valleau/Stantial
Ch Starjax Dreamboat Annie – Knop
Ch Americana’s Megan by Huffand – Connolly
Ch Debut’s Private Audition – DeMaso
Ch Echo’s Fantasia of Twin-K’s Kowalak/Agle
Ch Huffand’s Double Date – Connolly
Ch Huffand’s Sarazan Traveller – Connolly
Ch Jodi’s Exultation – Stewart
Ch Jodi’s Molly Brown – Johnson
Ch Starjax Natural High – Knop
Ch Starjax Sandpiper – Dickey
Ch Bentbrook’s High Potential – Carroll
Ch CinnRhee’s Mug Shot – Small
Ch Jodi’s Riptide – DeMaso
Ch RDM’sAcclaim – Ridings
Ch Acadia CinnRhee Windsor Rose – Small
Ch Acadia’s Satin – Cross
Ch Berena’s Lil Angie – Windemuller
Ch Debut’s Private Dancer – DeMaso
Ch Echo’s California Cruiser – Kappers
Ch K Park Shout It Out – Bell
Ch McKarge’s Starjax Shamus – McKarge
Ch Valstan’s Dawn of Hannalora – Valleau/Stantial
Ch Hickory’s Golden Glove – DeWolff
Ch Jodi’s Distant Thunder – Johnson
Ch Sentry’s Showman of Dare-Me’s – Stander
Ch TNT’s Shodoshi Lee – DeMaso/Eason
Ch TNT’s Hazel Burke – Robinson/Steward
Ch Bentbrook’s Talk of the Town – Carroll
Ch Camelaird’s Margaise of Orkny – Esch
Ch Debut’s Chantilly Lace – Kaiser
Ch Jodi’s Kate Murphy of Heritage – Johnson
Ch Kennebeck Kascade – Breau
Ch Marble’s Contessa – Marble
Ch Greenfield’s Dream N Be Lucky – Balzer
Ch Echo’s Believe It or Not – Agle/Bartlett
Ch Echo’s Divine Miss M – Agle
Ch Hi-Wind’s Risky Business – Windemuller
Ch Huffand’s Obession of Arriba – Connolly
Ch K and D’s Radioactive – Kaiser
Ch Austin’s Corporate Image – Carroll
Ch Bentbrook’s Double Precision – Carroll
Ch Debut’s Desperado – Bachman/DeMaso
Ch Hi-Wind’s Grand Illusion – Agle
Ch Jodi’s Irish Cream – Johnson
Ch RDM’s Tiger Lily – Ridings
Ch Starjax Good Time Charlie – Knop/Oversby
Ch Starjax Thunder Rolls Camelaird – Morris
Ch TNT’s Ethel Mertz – Robinson/Stewart
Ch Bellcrest Selectively Yours – Bell
Ch Echo’s Aerosmith – Huggins/Agle
Ch Golden Glove’s Invincible – DeWolff
Ch Greenfield’s Dreams N Schemes – Balzer
Ch Hi-Wind’s Patent Pending – Windemuller
Ch Northwood’s Aviator – Schultz/Davis
Ch Minnetonka’s Scandall – Hodges/Blanchette
Ch T Jay’s Talespin – Tienan
Ch Thor’s First Lady of Camelaird – Morris/V.Johnson

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