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Early Stages of Canine Development
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Dedicated to promoting healthy relationships & humane training through a holistic approach to the dog – body, mind & soul.

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Mailing Lists

Show Boxer Forum
The Showboxer-Forum was created to discuss all topics related to breeding and exhibiting of Boxers in the conformation show ring. Those topics may include (but are not limited to): All aspects of the official breed standard; all aspects of health; temperament; working abilities; participation in specialty or all-breed clubs; handling; grooming; breeding/whelping/rearing puppies; selling or placing puppies and adults; cropping and docking; or ethics issues.

Open discussion is valued on the Forum. We embrace rational presentation of opposing views on all relevant topics. In order to make this a meaningful place to be for all involved, we encourage members not to simply lurk; experience on other mailing lists has shown that people with long association with the breed, and therefore much to teach, too often hang back. We cannot learn from each other unless we all take responsibility for sharing our strengths. Contributions must be topic-based. Naming names is not allowed. But serious debate, even when heated, can be an excellent tool for change and growth — two concepts upon which this list was founded. The Boxer breed is faced with issues that can be addressed well and properly if strong, thinking people pull together. We encourage you to be an active part of that mission.

The Forum is a monitored list, and the administrators reserve the right to revoke posting privileges if a member violates list rules (or just generally pisses us off ). However, as long as Forum rules are being adhered to, it is not our intent to intervene when debates become heated or controversial. If lively debate upsets you, the Showboxer Forum may not be the List for you. If, on the other hand, you appreciate the progress that can be accomplished when an issue is thoroughly examined from all sides, you’ve come to the right place.

Show Boxer List
The ShowBoxer-L was created to provide a forum for the discussion of issues that are relevant to the responsible breeding and conformation showing of Boxer dogs. Any topic or question that fits this description is welcome here. This could include (but is not limited to) discussions about the Boxer standard, cropping/docking, contracts (puppy sales, stud service, etc.), handling, show brags, health testing, temperament evaluation, and so on. Since temperament and working ability are of interest to many responsible Boxer breeders, discussion about obedience and other performance events is welcome here.

Boxer Mailing List
The BML is the original Internet mailing list dedicated to Boxers. It’s a forum that includes Boxer enthusiasts all over the world. List members are pet owners, veterinarians, vet technicians, breeders, handlers, judges, and trainers.

Boxer Rescue Mailing List
The Boxer Rescue E-Mail List is for those who are involved in Boxer Rescue, or who wish to learn how to get involved. The more Boxer Rescue people we can network on the Boxer Rescue List (BRL) (Boxer-Rescue-L) the more of our beloved Boxers we can save and find great homes for. Experiences, information, resources and ideas are exchanged among the members of the BRL to help all of us help the Rescue Boxers.

The Natural Boxer
This group is designed to help anyone with boxers move towards a more holistic, natural approach to health care for their dog. Topics covered will include nutrition, vaccination alternatives, alternative medicines, and breed specific ailments, although any topic relating to the health of our breed will be gladly discussed.

Obed Comp Boxer
This is a list for serious obedience competitors (with Boxers). It is a place where they can come to learn, share their training problems, and generally have a good time in a warm, supportive internet community. This list is recommended for people who have put a CD on a Boxer or are seriously working at it.

The original cyber book club where authors join us online in an Interactive Workshop format featuring a new dog-related book each month.

This list seeks to provide a forum for those looking for information on canine health. Topics can range from nutrition, disease treatment, physical health as well as mental health problem solving. Topics may include anything from homeopathy, nutritional changes, drug therapy, preventative nutrition to surgical procedures.

K9 Health
An international group of animal health care professionals, dog and cat lovers who are interested in discovering the best ways of improving the health of their pets. The list is open all persons, professional or lay.

K9 Nutrition
This list is for people wanting to learn more about nutrition and dogs, and sharing ideas on feeding for daily use and for special needs, such as illness, recuperating, lactation, pregnancy and for all life stages. Some examples of discussion on this list include recipe sharing, use of vitamins and minerals, issues of diet for arthritis and allergies, use of herbs and herbal tinctures and talking about books on diet (old and new), seminars and conferences.

Showdogs List
SHOWDOGS-L is a discussion forum for all breed conformation issues. Absolutely anything that has anything to do with conformation, either directly or indirectly, may be discussed here, such as structure, standards, temperament, health issues, brags, contracts (selling puppies, breeding, co-ownerships, for example), friendly chat, etc.

Showdogs Plus
Think outside the crate! Looking for a list that focuses on dog showing and breeding, yet talks about important issues in the dog world? Showdogs-Plus will cover the usual show/breeding topics, both serious and fun: training, genetics, whelping, screening puppy buyers, UKC, AKC, litter evaluation, etc. But we’ll also talk about the animal rights war against breeders and ask questions like: Are good breeders breeding enough? Does showing have anything to do with breeding choices any more? Why do we show dogs? If dogs are pets, why the stigma against breeding for healthy pets? Why good breeders should advertise…yes, even in the newspaper!

Controversial issues — anti-breeding bills, breed specific legislation, AKC or UKC policy changes, federal legislation, may be discussed but will not be the main focus — there are other lists for that. You may ask for opinions of specific judges, vets, or other individuals, but you MUST say “private responses only.” Advertising is forbidden.

This is a list for grown-ups of any age, newbie or expert. No rudeness allowed, but polite expression of controversial views is fine. New members are moderated until they post once to be sure they joined to talk about bitches and studs that are actually dogs and not something seamy. The list is moderated only as necessary and we DO enforce our rules. Let’s put the fun and information back into show lists!