The Michigan Boxer Clubs feels that education plays a vital role in the continued vitality and progression of our breed. To this end, we strive to present Educational Programs at our meetings that are timely, interesting, informational, and beneficial not only to our breed but to the canine species as a whole. We always welcome suggestions for and comments on our Educational Programs. Please visit our meetings page for information on times and locations of the Club meetings.

2017 Planned Programs
Boxer U – The Front
Boxer U – The Head
New AKC Sports 2017
Nosework Demonstrations
Canine Anatomy Lesson
Barn Hunt
Boxer Trivia

Past Programs
Advances in Boxer Heart Issues
BCM and SAS in Boxers
Boxer Breeding and Genetics
Boxer U – The Head (Part 1)
Ch Bang Away of Sirrah Crest, SOM, LOM
Cancerous Tissue in Boxers
Canine and Boxer Websites – A Tour of the Internet
Canine First Aid
Canine IQ, Part 1 – The Doggie IQ Test
Comparative Oncology Center at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Conformation Ring Handling
Contracts for Dog Breeders
CPR for Dogs
Dog Chiropractic Care for Degenerative Myelopathy
Dog Training and Aggression
DogSteps: Canine Movement
Ear Taping Tips and Techniques
For Better Independence Assistance Dogs
In the Womb: Animals
Introduction to The Energetic Dog
Judging Boxers at the National Specialty
Judging the Boxer
Latest Advances in Canine Heart Problems
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Michigan Technical Rescue Operations Canine Team
Puppy Neonatal Care, Part 2 – The Second Critical Period
Raw Diets for Dogs – What, Why, How?
Rescue Meet & Greet
Show Off Your Dog
Tail Docking and Dewclaw Removal
The Worldwide Boxer
Westminster Winners Through the Years