History of the Michigan Boxer Club

The Michigan Boxer Club was founded in 1945 by the Charter Members, R.P. Valtier, Klockes, Daniels, Schellig, Hydes, and Lagans. Mr Valtier was the first President. Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Schellig owned Ch Felicia of Amerikeim and Ch Jando’s Exotic Lady. The Schelligs also owned Ch Brace of Briannole, who was the first American-Bred Boxer to go Best in Show All Breed in 1940. In addition, he sired 6 Champions and 8 Producers. He was an important dog for the breed, being one of Ch Lustig V Dom’s first American-Bred Champions. Mr. D. R. Lagan was the first Vice President; the Lagans owned Ch Siegelinda of Laganhof. The Klockes owned Ch Alva V.C. Edleqweishobe and Ch Aurelious of Kesthal. The C. Hydes’ owned Ch Gayborne of Brianole and Ch Aria of Gayborne. Dr. Daniels was the most prominent of the Charter Members and lasted the longest in the breed. He owned Ch Kavalier of Mazelaine, Ch Bubbling Over of Lilac Hedge, Ch Capri Est Gypsy Girl and the famous Mazelaine’s Kapellmeister, still the leading non-champion sire in the breed with 34 Champions.

The group that followed the Charter members had the most influence on the Club during the heyday of the breed during the 1950s. The Chas Williams, the Ray Norsworthys, Hugo Krave, the Don Starkweathers, the Peter Castros, the Gene Haupts and many others kept the shows humming with good Boxers. The Starkweather’s Rainey Lane Kennels won the ABC award for producing the most Champions several times in the late 50’s.

The first record we have of the first separate Michigan Specialty was in 1951, where Nellie Anderson awarded Ch Keppy-L of May Will, owned by Chas. and Mae Williams, Best of Breed. Keppy was out of the Williams’ first litter and put May-Will and the sire Kapellmeister on the map. Four from that first litter finished, and May-Will’s Miss Raheba produced 9 Champions from three litters. The Williams had a strong influence on the Club. Charlie served in a variety of offices through the years and is still a member.

Our Fall Specialties, with entries from the 80s to 118, throughout the 50s were a highlight in the Mid-West. Such Boxer greats as John P. Wagner, Phil Marsh, Mary Cousins, Lena Ludwig, Harry Sangster and Hugo Krave judged these shows.

The 1960s brought another generation of members to the front; the Connollys, Steeles, Sortors, Heises, Nutkins, Hollingers, Raders, and Tunstills, to name a few, with the Williams and Norsworthys providing continuity to the Club. The 70s brought new members who contributed greatly; the Richard Johnsons, Oversbys, Starks and Dulings became mainstays in the Club.

Aside from our Michigan activities, the Club has contributed our talent to the American Boxer Club. Hugo Krave was our first ABC Director in 1955. He was responsible for the ABC Regional concept, being the first Chairman at Marion, Ohio in 1958. This was the first ABC held west of the Hudson River. The Regional was co-sponsered by MBC and Ohio Boxer Club. Our members did well, with the Haupt’s Ch EuBet’s Editor going BOS and Porter’s EuBet’s Typcutter going BW. Hugo Krave became President of the ABC for 1959 and 1960, another first as all past Presidents had been from the east. Hugo was also the first MBC member to judge the ABC, in 1957. Ray Norsworthy was our first member ABC Regional Director in 1969, as in the past we had been represented by someone from the east. Ray also co-chaired the first two Regionals at Marion, Ohio, and Charles Williams chaired the Regional at Monroe in 1972. John Connolly has served on the ABC Board from 1981 thru 1985 and 1989 thru 1995, serving as President in 1985, 1993 through 1995. In recent years, Tom Duling has twice served as Regional Director. The Michigan Boxer Club was the first Club to donate to the American Boxer Charitable Foundation, giving $2000 in memory of Jeanne and Ted Tunstill, for research to improve Boxer health.