Summer 2009

July 3, 2009

Specialty Judge
Mr. Joseph E. Gregory

Sweepstakes Judge
Mr. Steve Fox

Best in Specialty – Ch Arriba Talisman Maximum
Dog, Whelped 9/9/07
Breeder: John Gibbons & Virginia Shames & Dr. Theodore Fickes
By Ch Arriba Talisman Satisfaction – Ch Arriba Talisman Isis
Owner: Kristen Tomasso & Robert B Adams; Agent: Jorge Pinzon

Best of Winners
Winners Bitch – Bravo’s Irresistible

Bitch, Whelped 9/27/05
Breeder: Susan Finley
By Ch Turo’s Overture – Ch Bravo’s Grand Marquee
Owner: Susan Finley; Agent: Tami Mishler

Best of Opposite Sex – Ch Hyde Park Reflected Inspiration
Bitch, Whelped 2/28/07
Breeder: Ellen Wager
By Ch Woods End Time ‘N Again – Hyde Parks Promise
Owner: Gina Freer

Winners Dog – Cinnamon Just in Time
Dog, Whelped 5/30/07
Breeder: Rob & Phylis Snyder & Christina Ghimenti
By Ch BJay’s Traveling Man – Cinnamon-Pawprint Expose
Owner: Rob & Phylis Snyder; Agent: Genine DeMaso

Reserve Winners Dog – Rodlins Wee Geordie
Dog, Whelped 4/8/08
Breeder: Rod & Linda Norris
By Ch CWMHAF Maestro – Rodlins Up N Flying
Owner: Rod & Linda Norris

Reserve Winners Bitch – Bremal’s Cracklin’ Rose of Hilltop
Bitch, Whelped 4/8/08
Breeder: Stacie & Russell Kinnaird
By Hilltop’s Lucky Lil’ Joe – Beacon’s Feuling the Fire
Owner: Brenda Mallory & Stacie Kinnaird; Agent: Christa Cook

Grand Sweepstakes Winner
Best Junior in Sweepstakes – Schmidt’s-GC Wish Upon a Star

Bitch, Whelped 4/12/08
Breeder: Juli Schmidt & Cindy Yaeger
By Twinkle Star v Eurozone – Schmidt’s Mystic Run at Heart Acre
Owner: Juli Schmidt & Cindy Yaeger; Agent: Jack Brown

Best Puppy in Sweepstakes – Can-Cia’s Stand Up & Deliver for West Shores
Bitch, Whelped 11/15/08
Breeder: Sherry Canciamille & Sarah South
By Ch Can-Cia’s Hard Act to Follow – Ch Backwoods Taylor Made Illusion
Owner: K Mott & G Kanwischer; Agent: Sherry Canciamille