Fall 2011

September 30, 2011

Specialty Judge
Col. Joe B. Purkhiser

Sweepstakes Judge
Ms. Tami Mishler

Best in Specialty – GCh Avalon’s Urban Legend
Breeder: Dan Buchwald & Norra Hansen & Michael Pivtorak
By Avalon’s Galahad – Avalon’s Jailhouse Rock
Owner: Linda Zehfuss; Agent: Carlos J. Puig

Best of Winners
Winners Bitch – Schmidt’s-GC Wish Upon A Star

Breeder: Juli Schmidt & Cindy Yaeger
By Twinkle Star v. Eurozone – Schmidt’s Mystic Run at Heart Acre
Owner: Juli Schmidt & Cindy Yaeger

Best of Opposite Sex – GCh Sapphire’s Violet Sky in Vegas at Streamline
Breeder: Shelly Williams
By Ch Brookwood’s Place of Dreams – Ch Sapphire’s Wild Pitch of Burlwood
Owner: Donald Mack & Joleena Young; Agent: Christa Cook

Select Dog – GCh Just-A-Wyn’s D’ing Time at Heart Acres
Breeder: Ashley Wynieski
By Ch Logan Elm Runs at Heart Acres – Just-A-Wyn’s Mistletoe
Owner: Priscilla Kilman & Ashley & Mary Lyn Wynieski & Tammy Zook

Select Bitch – GCh Boca’s Royal Palms Splish Splash
Breeder: Alan & Joanna Dorfman & Jack & Gloria Bower
By Ch BJay’s Traveling Man – Ch Boca’s Royal Palms Smarty Pants
Owner: Alan & Joanna Dorfman & Jack & Gloria Boer; Agent: Guy H. Fisher

Winners Dog – Silverlane’s Excalibur
Breeder: Lyle Pearce
By Ch Berlane’s Causin’ An Uproar – Ch Sprucelane’s Abbey Road
Owner: Larry McCoy, Brad Redrow, Lyle Pearce; Agent: Sherry Canciamille

Reserve Winners Dog – Countryside & CR’s in the Nick of Time
Breeder: Tasha Ebersole, Cindy Walunas & Ashley Wynieski
By Ch Just-A-Wyn’s D’ing Time at Heart Acres – Ch CR’s Belle of the Ball
Owner: Tasha Ebersole & Cindy Walunas; Agent: Sherry Canciamille

Reserve Winners Bitch – Inspiration’s Breath of Heaven
Breeder: Gina Freer
By Ch Hi-Tech’s Arbitrage – Ch HydePark’s Reflected Inspiration
Owner: Gina Freer

Grand Sweepstakes Winner
Best Puppy in Sweepstakes – CinnRhee’s V Card Stud Heart Acre

Breeder: H. Medley Small & James & Priscilla Kilman
By CinnRhee’s HiRiveRoler at Heart Acre – Heart Acre CinnRhee at Kadenza
Owner: H. Medley Small & Bob & Lorraine O’Keefe

Best Junior in Sweepstakes – Uppercut’s Unchained Melody
Breeder: Jim & Francine Gillanders
By Ch Renee’s Brooklyn Bruiser – Uppercut’s Code Red
Owner: Jim & Francine Gillanders